Tuesday, August 10, 2010

e-Book - Taken

Getting lost in the Dark Forest might be more dangerous than originally thought. Finding themselves in that very situation, Diana and Gala were hoping to find a way out as soon as they could. When they were informed that was not an option and that they would be transformed and mated to one of the Dark Elves that lived there, Diana did what she always did, she fought the situation and everyone that put her in it. While Diana fought, Gala found a way to live with the consequences.

Book 1 ….. Elves created for sex, goddess leaves them behind on earth with no way to survive. They find a way to not only survive, but still have sex and find mates. Yeah, ok - took some time and a stretch of the imagination to get into this one. To have the abduction and rounds of sexual encounters end in finding a lifelong mate - surely there would be a better way, course then this would not be such an erotic story about finding mates in this extreme situation. At first this story comes across as nothing more than an excuse for sex, some how I kind of started to like the characters also enough to look forward to the next installment of the Dark Elves: Mastered. ( )
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