Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book - Yalu and the Puppy Room

Wanting only to be chosen, taken home and loved, this adorable golden retriever finds the answer to her dreams. A family in the Puppy room while the kid wanted to play with her, the mom called her “the cutest thing in the whole wide world”, but when the dad got hold of her and said he wanted a boy, all of the puppy’s dreams crumbled. Watching all of her brothers, sisters and fellow kennel mates of all shapes, size and breeds being taken to “forever home” made her sad, but determined to find that “forever home” for herself. After finding the perfect family to take her home, she discovered what made “forever homes” the best, and then she even got her name… Yalu, a name you can howl.

Adorable illustrations and a cute story. This poor little golden retriever grabs hold of your heart and hoping she finds just the right home to go to. Children stories like this are perfect for the younger children as a read - aloud book as well as for the child that has learned how to read on their own (there are only a few words that they might need help reading on their own). The illustrations by Tielman Chaney gives this loveable puppy those puppy dog eyes that are hard to resist for just about any kid or kid at heart.
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