Friday, August 27, 2010

Book - A Wild Light

After having one of the best birthdays she has had in a long time, waking up next to Jack Meddle’s corpse (her grandfather) made for the start of one of the worst days of Maxine Kiss’s life. Not only was her grandfather dead, well his body was anyways, but she was finding holes in her memory. The largest of the holes seemed to be centered around the man she apparently lived with. Knowing his special ability couldn’t help Maxine with her memory loss, Grant Cooperon held on to his faith that she would get her memories back soon. Being propelled by the need to find the person who had killed Jack, leads to realizing that the prison veil (the barrier holding the demons in another dimension) was tearing, leaving Max and Grant no choice but to figure out how to stop the demons from coming through, fighting them or dying themselves. With the help of Zee, Aaz, Raw, Dek and Mal (the boys), they hope to find the killer, restore her memories, repair the rip and save the world.

Book 3 ….. Sooo much, I am on overload with this one. Action and information flowed at such a rate that it was difficult to understand everything that was happening all at one time. All the labyrinth walks taking Max to the past gave her explanations and information she and Grant needed to understand what was happening, and what to do about it. I have to admit to occasionally being a bit confused with some of the why’s and how’s of it all, but I really enjoyed the relationships in this book. The character interactions with Max, Grant, Jack/Byron and even (to some extent) the demons was what carried me through to the end. I am not sure (especially after that ending) if Marjorie M. Liu is planning on another book in the Hunter Kiss series, but I would be interested to see if this series is of her typical writing style or if having a different subject matter changes things. ( )

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