Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book - Summer's Bride

Being around the Ainsworth family for so long left Genevieve of Harwick knowing exactly what she wanted, to be a part of the family. Realizing that the one brother that she felt the closest to was finally coming home gave her hope. Returning home meant returning to the one person that he both wanted to see the most and wanted to avoid the most, Marcel Ainsworth knew that being the third son meant that he had nothing to offer but his name and that was not enough for him. Wanting to be wanted for more than just his name and his family, he had left two years earlier to find his own but never felt he had made it. Taking things into her own hands, Genevieve became a stow-a-way as Marcel left Brackenmoore on a journey to help his Aunt.

Book 3 ….. The Ainsworth boys are such a treat to read. For a historical romance they all show how strong and honorable they are, but they (at least with Marcel) shows a great lack of understanding when it comes to women they are interested in. The misunderstandings are the major drama as far as the romance, but with the addition of Aunt Finella’s troubles and the sea voyage this book does pack quite a bit of action and adventure to add to the suspense, but it is in the end a very predictable story. I will continue with the next and final installment of the Season’s Brides were the youngest of the Ainsworth boys, Kendran will finally get his story in “Autumn’s Bride“.( )
Aug 5, 2010

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