Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book - Soulless

Wrong place, right time, of all socialites Alexia Tarabotti is one of the few people of the ton that could handle herself in the event of a vampire attack during a formal ball. As a preternatural she really didn’t mean to kill the vampire and then she had to answer to Lord Maccon. As the leader of the local supernatural office as well as the alpha of the Woolsey Castle werewolf pack, Lord Maccon was use to being listened to and obeyed, except when he runs into the headstrong Italian who happens to be soulless. Continual meetings with werewolves, vampires and her preternatural abilities puts Miss Tarabotti in danger with the same group that has been abducting rogue vampires and loner werewolves.

Book 1 ….. Very interesting take on the popular genre of paranormal/urban fantasy. I did really enjoy the concept, but I am not sure of the follow through of the story - it felt like Alexia did have a soul (what are the actions of a “soulless” person?) I really liked Lord Maccon, Professor Lyall, and the appearance of Queen Victoria. I will be interested in locating a copy of the next Parasol Protectorate: Changeless. ( )

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