Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book - Savor the Moment

As a partner of Vows with Parker, Emma and Mac, Laurel McBane does her part with the confections. Working her magic on different pastries was easier than facing the feelings she had for Parkers brother Delaney Brown had ever been. Knowing each other for years and having always thought of all four of the girls as his sisters, Del had a difficult time believing what he was starting to feel for Laurel. Knowing didn’t make the doing a good idea, but finding out how she felt made it a different situation.

Book 3 ….. Saw this one coming a mile away (or at least two books away). But is was still a wonderfully written addition to the Bride Quartet series. Knowing the characters as much as we get to know them by the third book makes some things almost too obvious. I really enjoy the interaction with the other characters, just because this in not their story anymore does not mean they can’t be in it. Love how all the guys are friends and they all pitch in to help the girls (obviously friends) do their jobs as the wedding extraordinaire that they are. Loved the cakes too, mouth watering just to hear about some of them. For the next book, Happy Ever After, yeah it is obvious who is going to match up with Parker, but half the fun will be getting there. Definitely anticipating it’s release in November 2010. ( )
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