Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book - The Matchmakers

While driving her son Danny to school, Dori Robertson never expected him to ask for a new daddy, but he did. Stunned, she forgot were she was and what she was doing. Getting a handle on things, she turned around without looking for traffic. Spilling his drink, Gavin Parker followed the driver that had cut him off. The women and her son seemed to be having problems of her own but that didn’t mean he would let the matter slide. Many different decisions made by Dori and Gavin kept putting them together, but once the kids met, Danny and Melissa seemed to help pull them together even more.

Cute, sweet and quick, just what you expect from Debbie Macomber. Great characterization of the parents and the kids. Always a treat to read her work, this one happens to be a re-release from 1986 as part of the Harlequin “Famous Firsts”. So glad it was re-printed otherwise it might not have come to my attention. Even though it is an older story, it is a timeless one and other than the obvious lack of cell phones, it could just as easily be a current storyline. ( )
August 18, 2010

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