Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book - Kiss of the Bees

Twenty years ago, Diana Ladd had been instrumental in putting Andrew Carlisle in prison, as well as maiming and blinding him. After all those years, he was dead and Diana had published a book about the whole ordeal that had changed their lives. She had gone on to marry Brandon Walker (the sheriff), raised her son (Davy) and adopted an Indian child (Lani). Being part of the Walker family and having Rita Antone raise them, the children both knew the Indian customs and stories, including the ones about evil enemies. They never expected that evil ‘ohb’ to show up again, he was dead, but his cellmate had learned his lessons well and had agreed to help get revenge from the Walker family. Both Carlisle and Mitch Johnson had reasons to dislike the family and they agreed the way to the parents was through the kids. A dying request the Mitch was happy to see fulfilled.

Book 2 .…. All suspense, the mystery is in the timing. Will Brandon and Diana figure it out in time, will Davy understand what he is seeing in time, will Fat Crack (Gabe) get there in time, will Lani know what to do at the right time. We know from the start what kind of evil is coming for the family. The interactions between the family is defined by flash backs of previous events that give a better frame to the family. Liked the inclusion of Brian, even Quentin and Tommy help to show the dynamics of the family structure. Felt Brandon as a character so much more than Diana, but liked how strong Lani was. Interested to see the next one, Day of the Dead. ( )
August 20, 2010

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