Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book - Hour of the Hunter

For six years Diana Ladd had hoped having Andrew Carlisle in prison was enough to keep them safe. After the tragedy that took her husband, her unborn child’s father reputation and life from them all she could do was find a way to carry on. Raising the child (a boy named David) had been a little easier when the strange bond had formed with Rita Antone. The grandmother of the women Garrison Ladd had been accused of murdering had held no grudge, surprisingly to everyone involved she grew to care for the Ladd family as if they were her own. Finding that Gary’s co-conspirator was out of jail reminded them all of the mouthed words he had spoken to a very pregnant Diana Ladd on the day he went to jail. He was coming after her and none of them were safe, no matter what Detective Brandon Walker, the lead detective, had said about justice all those years ago.

Book 1 ….. A suspense to the last of it, with the bad guy / killer showing his ugliness early on in the book, it is full of descriptive horrible acts. While the depravity is abundant from the evil characters, the generosity of heart and self is apparent in others. This story has several time periods that it covers, it bounces from the 60’s (and before) to the “current” which takes place in the mid - 70’s. Not only does it cover the history of Diana and her family through memories of first meeting and marrying Gary to the time of the murder, but it also includes the history of Rita who is a Papago Indian. The Indian culture is very prominent in the book, including several legends and folklore about the animals, the weather and the lands of the Tohono O’otham as well as other peoples. While the legends are interesting, sometimes it does distract from the story, they left me wondering from time to time what they were included for and other times I could see a link. I liked Brandon Walker and Diana Ladd enough to be interested in the next book of this series, Kiss of the Bees, from what I understand is set 20 years after this one (making it all the way to the 90’s). ( )

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