Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book - Covet

Because of his previous job, Jim Heron had just recently started to try to do the right thing for himself. After an electrical accident he found that he would be tasked with helping seven other people do the right thing also. Discovering that his first assignment was his overly ambitious boss, Vin DiPietro, he realized how interesting this new job would be, considering what had recently happened with the mans girlfriend Devina Avale. Sorting through the mess that Jim had made and figuring out what Vin really needed to make him happy would reveal past problems for both Vin, and the fallen woman that had caught his attentions. Surviving that realization with the help of Eddie and Adrian (fallen angels) might not be as easy as anyone thought.

Book 1 ….. Such a big fan of Black Dagger Brotherhood, I had to try this Fallen Angels series. How fun to have the unexpected addition of a few of the BDB characters in a little bit of a cross over way. What and introduction to this series, these characters and this type of story. Watching the obviously fallible Jim Heron fumble through, getting so much wrong but yet still pulling the basic moral decisions together in time. I like the majority of the characters (except Devina) but I love the interaction between Eddie, Adrian, Jim and the dog (so fun). Really excited I don’t have to wait too much longer for the next book, Crave, due out October 2010. ( )

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