Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book - Amy Goes Surfing

Knowing today is the bid day for her to surf all by herself, Amy sits and starts to remember all her surfing instructor has taught her over the past few weeks. She still has to do this one alone and that concerns her for a moment. Until her surfing coach sits down and reminds her that she has done this many times before. She has talked about it, learned to paddle, tested her balance on the board and even surfed with him at her side before. The only difference today, he would wait for her on the shore. The practice was done, now it was time to surf. As Amy waited patiently for the right wave, she remembered every thing that he had told her. The she found the perfect wave and rode it to the shore and her families waiting arms. They were all so proud of her and they surfed with her the rest of the day.

Inspirational story about being able to do anything you set your mind to. I admired Amy’s desire to learn something new, to follow through with the whole process of learning it and then the final test of her courage, to do it all by herself. Even as scary as that thought was, she knew she had prepared for this ride and since it was something she had wanted for a long time and it was something that she had learned the right way to do, she knew that she could do it. She really enjoyed her ride back to the shore and seemed proud of herself in the end. Practice and patience are really great lessons for anyone, this story is geared for young readers or for reading aloud, with it’s plain wording, large print and great pictures. This would be a great addition to any youth library. ( )

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