Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book - Hero at Large

Breaking down on the side of the road was the worst way for Chris Nelson to start her day. Adding to a broken car, when Ken Callahan stopped to help her, she accidentally broke his arm. Having a broken arm was not something that Ken had planned for his week, but his decision to go with the flow of things led him to living in Chris’ basement and then a broken toe also. The surprising attraction they both felt for each other grew even through the eggs on the floor and burnt dinners, but will it be enough to overcome the heartbreak that Chris expected because of past hurts.

This is another of Janet Evanovichs re-release, this one was originally published in 1987 but for the most part, you can’t tell that it is out of time. What a fun and distracting book, I enjoyed Ken and his laid back attitude, I knew from the beginning that there was something off - so it was predictable. Chris was occasionally funny, sometimes annoying and always very easy to read. They fell in love a little too quickly and easily, I felt like we missed part of Ken’s personality (like being prone to spontaneity) because of his guardedness. Wish there had been more of Dog/Bob, he made such a cute cover.
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