Saturday, July 3, 2010

Book - Rule's Bride

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
I was lucky enough to have snagged this book as an Early Reviewer on LibraryThing, however the book never arrived and since I had already read the other 2 books of the series, was extremely interested in this one also. I borrowed it from my local library and was glad that they had it available for me. I really enjoyed it and still hope to receive my own copy of it.

A marriage of convenience in the face of her father’s illness left Violet Griffin and Rule Dewar man and wife, but only in name. Returning to London until Violet was more of age, Rule had led his life just as he had before, never even telling his family that he was married. Feeling that she had been abandoned by the man that was her legal husband, Violet made promises to another and all she needed was to see Rule long enough to obtain an annulment. Discovering that maybe he hadn’t left her forgotten and that he refused the annulment, Violet was forced to make compromise. It would only be a month and he would agree to her terms, but the handsome husband of hers was bent on seducing his now desirable wife into a full marriage. Trust would have to be built, faith would come later also, but one thing he never hid from her was his desire for her - but was it the inheretince of money and half ownership of her fathers business that he wanted to hold on to or had he truly wanted her.

Book 3 ….. I really enjoyed these brothers, as in previous books, all three of the brothers have a way about them. I very much enjoyed the addition of cousin Caroline and Lucas’s story as well as the recurrence of Royal, Reese, the other ladies and most of the oarsmen (Royal‘s friends). I like the idea (author’s note in the back of the book) of a set of stories for the oarsmen, I imagine it will be some time till that shows though. While this one was suspenseful with the fire, the murder charges, the time in jail, the lack of partnership and constant reminders that Rule couldn’t love and Violet didn’t want to love, left me frustrated with both the hero and heroine of the story. Still loved the series and will probably look for other Kat Martin books. ( )

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