Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book - Married by Morning

Working for the Hathaway family for years had Catherine Marks aware of the strange and unusual way the family did things. Finding that Leo Hathaway, Lord Ramsay himself was attracted to her was a shock she had never dreamed of. The way they always argued would never have lead her to believe that the attraction she had felt for him was reciprocated. Realizing that there were secrets being kept between them, Leo discussed it the best way he knew how, with Cat it what worked best was to argue or now he found that kissing could work too. The secret of her past is out, now will she still remain a part of the Hathaway home, or she could take up traveling.

Book 4 .…. Predictable from start to finish, going into this one everyone (that read the previous books) knew that there would come a time when the bickering between Leo and Catherine would bring them together. It did not disappoint. Putting Cat in a stronger position to deal with the self proclaimed bachelor and then having her run away from it. Giving multiple reasons to make a marriage between the two a good idea as well as the wrong decision made this a fun rollercoaster type of ride while still being the predictably fun battle of wills between them. As always the inclusion of the rest of the family was fun for me, love to see how the rest are changing because of the love they now share, poor Beatrix, all alone with her animal kingdom needs her story - ( Love in the Afternoon) ( )

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