Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book - Department of Temporal Adjustment

Mother of three young girls, Vanessa also took on a coarse load of classes as an Archeology student at the local University. Having the need to use the lab in the basement of the University for late night study sessions was not unusual. For this curious women who had a certain sense of right and wrong, a strange humming noise coming from the janitors closet and the strange comings and goings of large groups of people, especially these oddly clad people, just couldn’t be ignored. Once the janitors closet was opened, things were different then she expected. There were no mops and brooms, only a large white laboratory that she had never, in her three years at Washington University known existed. As the scientists approached her and started telling her that she had stumbled into a time portal and been transported into the very, very distant future she came to understand that she had an important roll in creating the future that they knew and with that information they had to send her back to her own time without the memories of being them and the future events. The memory blocking process that they used created some unusual side effects that left Vanessa wondering if she was losing her mind. Unfortunately the memory blocks did not prevent the curios mind from stumbling again and again through the portal.

How fun that was, I wish I had been able to sit and read more at one time. This book and the main character Vanessa in particular had such a fun sense of humor, a great theory on life, love and raising children. The way Vanessa can get herself sidetracked by random thoughts was funny and seemed like such a natural order to things. Absolutely loved Becca (oldest daughter) who was cute, creative and resourceful, Tony (the husband) seems to be straight out of a dream and Erica (Vanessa’s lab partner) who was gullible enough to fall for some of Vanessa’s practical jokes, yet had the sense of humor to laugh in the end. While the story line had the unusual quirks of the memory blocking side effects, the end result was very predictable but still fun to get to. The authors writing style makes this an easy read even at 336 pages and would be appropriate for anyone who likes a cute, quirky adventure.
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