Friday, July 9, 2010

Book - Darkest Lie

Having a new Lord of the Underworld (Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares) in the dungeon was one thing but having Scarlet inform him that they were married made it so Gideon, Keeper of Lies could do nothing else till he found the truth. He didn’t remember her as his wife, he didn’t remember her as one of the Titans that were imprisoned while he was a warrior in heaven, Scarlet had spent too many years feeling betrayed and abandoned by him and he didn‘t even remember her. She needed closure and he needed answers, but together they seemed to understand each other in a way Gideon had never expected to find. Finding out the true betrayer could end them both.

Book 6.…. As always with Gena Showalter and the Lords of the Underworld, I loved seeing some of the other characters. This time around we got to see more of Strider, Amun and William as well as the continuing story of Aeron and Olivia. I wanted more time with Gideon and Scarlet, I felt there romance was a strange one to begin with (being married?) and even though we got to enjoy the discovery, I didn’t feel quite as emotionally attached to these two as I do with some of the others. Plus the lack of some of the Lords saddened me, while I was interested in Cronus and Rhea’s involvement, could have done with less of them also. I still love this series and I liked all the new information introduced in the book, and the battles were fabulous this time through, but as the romance it was not my favorite. Looking forward to what I think is Amun’s story in the next book (Darkest Secret) due out March 2011. ( )

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