Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book - Badhat

Everything happens for a reason, and for Badhat the lone prairie dog and his trusted mule Burrito, a lot of things had to happen before he would ever figure out why. Tired of fighting the crows for his own garden crop, they set out to find the place that they belonged. Asking only for a sign they traveled on and on. Within the town of Dagnabit he stumbled upon a pack of criminals, the Gopher Broke gang spent there time stealing t’maters and making life for the townspeople miserable. Unintentionally and single-handedly running the whole gang out of town left the townspeople happy to declare him the new Sheriff, but Badhat was on his quest and didn’t really want the job. Every time he would try to explain himself though, he couldn’t get the words out over their praise and gratitude. Moving on was what he thought he was suppose to do, but somewhere along the way he got caught up in the towns trouble. If he ever wanted to find his place in life, he had to find out what the right thing to do would be, for himself and for the town.

Intended for youth readers, this book has a good story, a few minor hits at a moral overtone and a lot of fun. The sling-shot slinger and his mule are joined in most of the adventures with The Kid and his burro which makes for the total western hero / sidekick package. While the story is fun and fast paced, the rhythm is slowed a little by the translation of that good ole slang. Dropping g’s and words like “t’mater”, “y’all “, “kept m’ word”, or “gid’yap”, while it’s appealing to the story setting and a fun addition if your reading aloud, slows down the flow of the story in the beginning until you can get used to it. The book sums itself up in the end, (there is a newspaper journalist) a good wrap up for a good story, “The story has all the classic elements ….. it begins with a flying start. …..” ( )

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