Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book - Department of Temporal Adjustment

Mother of three young girls, Vanessa also took on a coarse load of classes as an Archeology student at the local University. Having the need to use the lab in the basement of the University for late night study sessions was not unusual. For this curious women who had a certain sense of right and wrong, a strange humming noise coming from the janitors closet and the strange comings and goings of large groups of people, especially these oddly clad people, just couldn’t be ignored. Once the janitors closet was opened, things were different then she expected. There were no mops and brooms, only a large white laboratory that she had never, in her three years at Washington University known existed. As the scientists approached her and started telling her that she had stumbled into a time portal and been transported into the very, very distant future she came to understand that she had an important roll in creating the future that they knew and with that information they had to send her back to her own time without the memories of being them and the future events. The memory blocking process that they used created some unusual side effects that left Vanessa wondering if she was losing her mind. Unfortunately the memory blocks did not prevent the curios mind from stumbling again and again through the portal.

How fun that was, I wish I had been able to sit and read more at one time. This book and the main character Vanessa in particular had such a fun sense of humor, a great theory on life, love and raising children. The way Vanessa can get herself sidetracked by random thoughts was funny and seemed like such a natural order to things. Absolutely loved Becca (oldest daughter) who was cute, creative and resourceful, Tony (the husband) seems to be straight out of a dream and Erica (Vanessa’s lab partner) who was gullible enough to fall for some of Vanessa’s practical jokes, yet had the sense of humor to laugh in the end. While the story line had the unusual quirks of the memory blocking side effects, the end result was very predictable but still fun to get to. The authors writing style makes this an easy read even at 336 pages and would be appropriate for anyone who likes a cute, quirky adventure.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book - Badhat

Everything happens for a reason, and for Badhat the lone prairie dog and his trusted mule Burrito, a lot of things had to happen before he would ever figure out why. Tired of fighting the crows for his own garden crop, they set out to find the place that they belonged. Asking only for a sign they traveled on and on. Within the town of Dagnabit he stumbled upon a pack of criminals, the Gopher Broke gang spent there time stealing t’maters and making life for the townspeople miserable. Unintentionally and single-handedly running the whole gang out of town left the townspeople happy to declare him the new Sheriff, but Badhat was on his quest and didn’t really want the job. Every time he would try to explain himself though, he couldn’t get the words out over their praise and gratitude. Moving on was what he thought he was suppose to do, but somewhere along the way he got caught up in the towns trouble. If he ever wanted to find his place in life, he had to find out what the right thing to do would be, for himself and for the town.

Intended for youth readers, this book has a good story, a few minor hits at a moral overtone and a lot of fun. The sling-shot slinger and his mule are joined in most of the adventures with The Kid and his burro which makes for the total western hero / sidekick package. While the story is fun and fast paced, the rhythm is slowed a little by the translation of that good ole slang. Dropping g’s and words like “t’mater”, “y’all “, “kept m’ word”, or “gid’yap”, while it’s appealing to the story setting and a fun addition if your reading aloud, slows down the flow of the story in the beginning until you can get used to it. The book sums itself up in the end, (there is a newspaper journalist) a good wrap up for a good story, “The story has all the classic elements ….. it begins with a flying start. …..” ( )

Book - Married by Morning

Working for the Hathaway family for years had Catherine Marks aware of the strange and unusual way the family did things. Finding that Leo Hathaway, Lord Ramsay himself was attracted to her was a shock she had never dreamed of. The way they always argued would never have lead her to believe that the attraction she had felt for him was reciprocated. Realizing that there were secrets being kept between them, Leo discussed it the best way he knew how, with Cat it what worked best was to argue or now he found that kissing could work too. The secret of her past is out, now will she still remain a part of the Hathaway home, or she could take up traveling.

Book 4 .…. Predictable from start to finish, going into this one everyone (that read the previous books) knew that there would come a time when the bickering between Leo and Catherine would bring them together. It did not disappoint. Putting Cat in a stronger position to deal with the self proclaimed bachelor and then having her run away from it. Giving multiple reasons to make a marriage between the two a good idea as well as the wrong decision made this a fun rollercoaster type of ride while still being the predictably fun battle of wills between them. As always the inclusion of the rest of the family was fun for me, love to see how the rest are changing because of the love they now share, poor Beatrix, all alone with her animal kingdom needs her story - ( Love in the Afternoon) ( )

Friday, July 16, 2010

Book - Undead and Unappreciated

Book 3 …. Once again Queen Betsy has missteps and misunderstandings, but this time it leaves her feeling alone and disconnected from not only her people (the vampire community), but also her friends and her consort. Her usual fumbling, while still funny, was not as well received but her introduction to her sister went better than planned. Still the comic relief for any paranormal reader and even though we have a few important informational and emotional moments, once again I found the whole thing nothing more than a good time. I still plan on reading the more of the completely unreal and silly series - everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while. Next up is Undead and Unreturnable (might be another shoe reference?) but loved the new sister and the new situation with Erik Sinclair. ( )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book - Jacob

Falling out of a fifth floor window might have been the best thing that ever happened to Isabella Russ since Jacob was there to catch her. Following him and then some how helping him to destroy the monster that he had been tracking was an unusual way to start a relationship, but both Bella and Jacob could feel that there was something there that made it different. Getting over the fact that it was against everything that he had ever known and practiced as the enforcer of his races laws, Jacob could not and would not give her up until he found out what it was that set this woman apart from everyone else he had ever met and saved from his fellow Demons.

Book 1 ….. Oooh, Demons with a twist. This race is one of the nightwalkers along with werewolves and vampires (which are the most common paranormal romance novel subjects) the twist is what great people they are. Fun and interesting concept I really enjoyed learning about each of the demon powers and the prophecies was a great tease for subsequent books. A bit predictable in a lot of different ways, but the gifts and the powers that kept changing or growing was also fun. Love seeing a humble demon and Jacob seemed to be a great place to start this series. I know I will be reading more from this author, including the next of the Nightwalker series (Gideon). ( )

Friday, July 9, 2010

Book - Darkest Lie

Having a new Lord of the Underworld (Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares) in the dungeon was one thing but having Scarlet inform him that they were married made it so Gideon, Keeper of Lies could do nothing else till he found the truth. He didn’t remember her as his wife, he didn’t remember her as one of the Titans that were imprisoned while he was a warrior in heaven, Scarlet had spent too many years feeling betrayed and abandoned by him and he didn‘t even remember her. She needed closure and he needed answers, but together they seemed to understand each other in a way Gideon had never expected to find. Finding out the true betrayer could end them both.

Book 6.…. As always with Gena Showalter and the Lords of the Underworld, I loved seeing some of the other characters. This time around we got to see more of Strider, Amun and William as well as the continuing story of Aeron and Olivia. I wanted more time with Gideon and Scarlet, I felt there romance was a strange one to begin with (being married?) and even though we got to enjoy the discovery, I didn’t feel quite as emotionally attached to these two as I do with some of the others. Plus the lack of some of the Lords saddened me, while I was interested in Cronus and Rhea’s involvement, could have done with less of them also. I still love this series and I liked all the new information introduced in the book, and the battles were fabulous this time through, but as the romance it was not my favorite. Looking forward to what I think is Amun’s story in the next book (Darkest Secret) due out March 2011. ( )

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book - Hero at Large

Breaking down on the side of the road was the worst way for Chris Nelson to start her day. Adding to a broken car, when Ken Callahan stopped to help her, she accidentally broke his arm. Having a broken arm was not something that Ken had planned for his week, but his decision to go with the flow of things led him to living in Chris’ basement and then a broken toe also. The surprising attraction they both felt for each other grew even through the eggs on the floor and burnt dinners, but will it be enough to overcome the heartbreak that Chris expected because of past hurts.

This is another of Janet Evanovichs re-release, this one was originally published in 1987 but for the most part, you can’t tell that it is out of time. What a fun and distracting book, I enjoyed Ken and his laid back attitude, I knew from the beginning that there was something off - so it was predictable. Chris was occasionally funny, sometimes annoying and always very easy to read. They fell in love a little too quickly and easily, I felt like we missed part of Ken’s personality (like being prone to spontaneity) because of his guardedness. Wish there had been more of Dog/Bob, he made such a cute cover.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Book - Darkest Passion

Knowing he was being followed and finding out it was an angel left Aeron, keeper of Wrath angry. That the presence of this angel had driven away his little friend made him even angrier. Watching him was not enough for Olivia, she wanted more from him and with him even if she knew they would just send another angel warrior to kill Aeron. As a fallen angel, Olivia had to crawl up from the depths of hell before she could even speak to Aeron, and now that she was with him she knew how difficult it was going to be for him to accept anything from her, especially any feelings she might have for the warrior.

Book 5.…. Wow, talk about packed full of information and teases and, and, and (really don’t want to give anything away). As always it is nice to see and hear about previous characters, and keeping there stories all in mind made this one so much easier to follow and enjoy. Oh my though the ending is incredibly full - there may have been too much of a tease (in my opinion) about Gideon and his story (Darkest Lie), but the jaw droppers were in the last chapter. While it was an incredibly ‘ahhh-ing’ chapter for the series, for this story the wrap up felt a bit rushed and (I don’t really know how to say what I am feeling and thinking, but…) a bit to perfect. Still one of my favorite paranormal romance series out there. ( )

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Book - Rule's Bride

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
I was lucky enough to have snagged this book as an Early Reviewer on LibraryThing, however the book never arrived and since I had already read the other 2 books of the series, was extremely interested in this one also. I borrowed it from my local library and was glad that they had it available for me. I really enjoyed it and still hope to receive my own copy of it.

A marriage of convenience in the face of her father’s illness left Violet Griffin and Rule Dewar man and wife, but only in name. Returning to London until Violet was more of age, Rule had led his life just as he had before, never even telling his family that he was married. Feeling that she had been abandoned by the man that was her legal husband, Violet made promises to another and all she needed was to see Rule long enough to obtain an annulment. Discovering that maybe he hadn’t left her forgotten and that he refused the annulment, Violet was forced to make compromise. It would only be a month and he would agree to her terms, but the handsome husband of hers was bent on seducing his now desirable wife into a full marriage. Trust would have to be built, faith would come later also, but one thing he never hid from her was his desire for her - but was it the inheretince of money and half ownership of her fathers business that he wanted to hold on to or had he truly wanted her.

Book 3 ….. I really enjoyed these brothers, as in previous books, all three of the brothers have a way about them. I very much enjoyed the addition of cousin Caroline and Lucas’s story as well as the recurrence of Royal, Reese, the other ladies and most of the oarsmen (Royal‘s friends). I like the idea (author’s note in the back of the book) of a set of stories for the oarsmen, I imagine it will be some time till that shows though. While this one was suspenseful with the fire, the murder charges, the time in jail, the lack of partnership and constant reminders that Rule couldn’t love and Violet didn’t want to love, left me frustrated with both the hero and heroine of the story. Still loved the series and will probably look for other Kat Martin books. ( )