Friday, June 25, 2010

e-Book - Projected Pleasure

Becoming a mother and a wife should have made all of Marley’s dreams come true but she still felt restless and nervous all the time. Her paranoia was growing and while having Zachary, her husband, the pack alpha around helped, she couldn’t resist the urges she still had to be with Cole. After he left to find his own mate, those feelings kept growing to a point where getting him back with her was one of the only things she knew she truly wanted for herself, her family and her pack.

Book 2 ….. What Marley truly is was a great twist to the story I just wish that by the time we got to it that I liked Marley better. I found her selfishness in all things to be somewhat of a turn off, even Coles desires border on selfishness leaving Zachary in a position to deal with them in his understanding and giving way. In the previous book I wanted more of Cole, but I am not sure this scenario did Marley justice. ( )

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