Friday, June 25, 2010

Book - Whiplash

Feeling she had few options, Erin Pulaski committed the crime of breaking and entering the offices of the pharmaceutical company that had been denying her client access to lifesaving drugs for his father. As a private investigator, Erin knew the risks but her father had trained her well and she accessed the files needed and escaped. Finding out that a man had been brutally murdered and left for dead near the same area at around the same time she had been there meant that she could be the best suspect the police, or in this case FBI Special Agent Bowie Richards would have, if they knew she was the one that broke in. Opening the door to Agent Richards stopped her cold, only to find out that he was not only the agent in charge of the murder investigation, but the father of one of her dance students that she taught on the side. Bouncing from one delicate case to another, Special Agent Dillon Savich and his wife Special Agent Lacey Sherlock had just finished witnessing some strange happenings at a senators residence when they were brought in to help Bowie, whether he wanted the extra help or not.

Book 14 ….. As always it is wonderful to see Savich and Sherlock working together and with others. I enjoyed the added bonus of seeing Dane, Ruth and some of the others from previous books. As much as I like Savich’s new abilities, in this book, it was more of a distraction. While the senator’s story line was interesting and added a link with Bowie it was (in my opinion) not necessary to the book. I would have rather seen more of the Erin / Bowie relationship. Usual S&S’s style is to get another couple together, but for this one it was a very, very mild romance if you could even call it that. I really wanted more of the romance end, S&S didn’t even give too much of a show in that category. A bit of a disappointment on the Romantic - suspense genre, but a solid Suspense novel anyways.
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