Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book - Reese's Bride

Being forced in to giving up his life in the military and become a gentleman farmer may have been his fathers dying wish, but for Reese Dewar just being in the same area as the woman who had broken her word and his heart was going to be his worst nightmare. Widowed and now in danger, Elizabeth Holloway had nowhere else to turn and no one else she knew she could trust, so she went to the only man she had ever loved and played on his sense of honor to protect her and her son from the in-laws that she believed where out to kill her and control her son’s inheritance.

Book 2 ….. Oh there is so much to these Dewar men. Returning as a war hero and proving why he should be hailed as that was fun to see, his honor, his integrity and his loyalty alone made him a great hero for any book, and then there was the insecure and self-protective side of him that made him even better. I really enjoyed the combination on Reese, and the contrast to his other brothers. I am not one that usually likes pre-existing relationships, but this one had some real interesting hurdles to overcome - making it feel not so pre-existing anymore. As usual in a series, it is nice to see other characters that we have gotten to know in other books and this one did a fabulous job of incorporating Royal, Lily and a bit more of Rule (getting us ready for book 3 no doubt). Confident that book 3 (Rule’s Bride) is going to be a blast based on the bit of teasing that went on in the end of this one. ( )

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