Monday, June 28, 2010

Book - One Wish

Coming home was never easy but with a name like Shardlow, know for his murdering father and his thieving half-brother, Luke never expected anyone to be happy to see him again. Finding Charity Barnham, the daughter of a powerful rancher up a tree made him remember what he had been through as a young boy. A moment with Charity could not change his plans, he had to track and take down his older half-brother no matter who he had to fool to do it. She had heard the stories but she was not prepared to find out the type of man Luke really was, the stories just didn’t seem to match the man she was getting to know and surprisingly was beginning to fall for regardless of what her fathers wishes were.

1889, Washington Territory - Pride, is the normal reason for any distance between loves in these historical novels, and this one is no different. I enjoyed the characters and the setting. There was something about the writing that occasionally had me shaking my head - as to say ‘why was it worded like that’. Liked how strong and determined Charity was and how in the end Luke made better decisions. I felt the ending should have been a little different, didn’t seem entirely finished to me even though it was the typical ’happily ever after’ scenario. First Linda Lael Miller I have read, I will probably read another if I come across one that sounds good, but I won’t rush out to get one.
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