Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book - Nauti Boy

Fighting the terrible memory of being attacked, Kelly was trying to hide the worst of it from the man she loved, Rowdy - he would have gone AWOL if he had known. Returning from the war, this time for good, he had come home to finally claim the woman that had been on his mind since she was too young to think that way about. Hearing what had happened to her had solidified his desire to always protect and keep her, but after he took care of her problem he knew he would also give her a choice. With the help of his cousins, not only would the threat to her safety be removed, but he knew she would finally come out of her shell and they would make sure she knew the pleasures a man could give her not just the pain that her attacker had inflicted.

Book 1 ….. The remembered attack is detailed, the interaction with Rowdy and the cousins is explicit. This book is not a boring romance, it is graphic and even though at first is seems unrealistic to seemingly force the issue, the book does seem to have a flow to it that makes it difficult to put down. This is the first Lora Leigh book that I have read and I will be looking for the next one and some of her others as well. ( )

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