Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book - Lover Mine

Rescuing herself from the home of the fore-lesser Lash, Xhex only wanted to get strong enough so she could reach her end game - which was primarily revenge. The drive to find and save her was more for John than it was for the rest of the brothers. Letting his feelings show shocked the brothers as well as Xhex, even if he didn't realize she was watching. Could he back off enough to let her handle things her way or is he going to run all bonded male over her and her life.

Book 8 - Information overload, I see why it is 512 pages. The extra back story of Tohr and Darius was absolutely wonderful, it just took so long to find out why we really wanted to know this story. A little confused by the side story of the television producer and host, only thing that comes to mind is that it will be a set up for a future book. Following the parallel stories for the likes of Qhuinn, Blay, Payne, Layla, and a few others is always a nice treat in a series. Interested to see more of a story for iAm, Trez, Lassiter and a few others though. Really enjoyed seeing some of the brothers that have already had there story still having such an important part of the ongoing storyline. So many possible teasers for another book or several more for that matter, just wish didn't have to wait so long to get another dose of the Brothers.
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