Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book - Iron Kissed

Several murders on the fae reservation leads Zee and Uncle Mike to ask Mercy for help. With a coyote nose, Mercedes Thompson can literally sniff out who could be responsible for these crimes. When their main suspect turns up murdered and Zee is arrested for the crime, Mercy does everything she can to prove he didn’t do it. While Mercy is putting herself in danger, this time with the fae, both of the alpha werewolves (Samuel and Adam) are still waiting around to see who and when she will decide to be with, if either of them.

Book 3 ….. A different direction than the other Mercy books. While she is still a strong, no nonsense type of character, this time her head long dash to save the day ends badly for her and puts a lot of others in danger also. The pace of the book was a little slower than the last two, the information gained about the fae is fun to know about, but the best part of the story is the interaction of the pack with Mercy (namely Ben) and the strengths of Adam. I had never really liked how she had continued to string them all along, a decision is a good thing for Mercy and I hope that it sticks - guess I have to read the next book (Bone Crossed) to find out.
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