Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book - Bed of Roses

A family friend for so many years left Jack Cooke feeling more like a brother than anything else to himself and to the ladies that made up Vows. After a chance encounter at a party and an accidental meeting on the side of the road, Jack realized he had more than brotherly feeling for the cheerful florist of the group. Always optimistic, but in this case Emma Grant was not sure she could make the transition from friend to lover without someone getting hurt in the long run, probably herself. Ever the romantic took the chance, if only she can live with what he is willing to give her.

Book 2 ….. I liked this one even better than I liked the first. The characters are established and the energy between them continues in a great way. Fabulous interaction between the characters and I loved the additional humor to this one, so many times I found myself laughing. There was also moments of that balanced the emotional level of the book. Quite a few hints as to where the quartet might be going for Laurel and Parker (that one should be good) and even though the ending was rushed and almost to dream like, I still really enjoyed it and am looking forward to starting the next one, Savor the Moment.( )

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