Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book - Bed of Roses

A family friend for so many years left Jack Cooke feeling more like a brother than anything else to himself and to the ladies that made up Vows. After a chance encounter at a party and an accidental meeting on the side of the road, Jack realized he had more than brotherly feeling for the cheerful florist of the group. Always optimistic, but in this case Emma Grant was not sure she could make the transition from friend to lover without someone getting hurt in the long run, probably herself. Ever the romantic took the chance, if only she can live with what he is willing to give her.

Book 2 ….. I liked this one even better than I liked the first. The characters are established and the energy between them continues in a great way. Fabulous interaction between the characters and I loved the additional humor to this one, so many times I found myself laughing. There was also moments of that balanced the emotional level of the book. Quite a few hints as to where the quartet might be going for Laurel and Parker (that one should be good) and even though the ending was rushed and almost to dream like, I still really enjoyed it and am looking forward to starting the next one, Savor the Moment.( )

Monday, June 28, 2010

Book - One Wish

Coming home was never easy but with a name like Shardlow, know for his murdering father and his thieving half-brother, Luke never expected anyone to be happy to see him again. Finding Charity Barnham, the daughter of a powerful rancher up a tree made him remember what he had been through as a young boy. A moment with Charity could not change his plans, he had to track and take down his older half-brother no matter who he had to fool to do it. She had heard the stories but she was not prepared to find out the type of man Luke really was, the stories just didn’t seem to match the man she was getting to know and surprisingly was beginning to fall for regardless of what her fathers wishes were.

1889, Washington Territory - Pride, is the normal reason for any distance between loves in these historical novels, and this one is no different. I enjoyed the characters and the setting. There was something about the writing that occasionally had me shaking my head - as to say ‘why was it worded like that’. Liked how strong and determined Charity was and how in the end Luke made better decisions. I felt the ending should have been a little different, didn’t seem entirely finished to me even though it was the typical ’happily ever after’ scenario. First Linda Lael Miller I have read, I will probably read another if I come across one that sounds good, but I won’t rush out to get one.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Book - Summer Santuary

Facing a summer without his best friend, Matthew decided on a summer project using the speed of light and the theory of relativity to try and prove his own theory about the dilation of time. Using the library resources on a daily basis to prove his theory, he met a girl that turns out didn’t really have anyplace to live or anyone to watch over her for a while. Sharing lunch with Dinah everyday, he would bring sandwiches and she would contribute anything she could find, even if it came from the supermarket dumpster. Wanting to help, he found a way to get her a warm, dry and safe place to stay - in his church basement. Discovering a friend who had a different back ground, a different family dynamic and outlook on life was one way for them both to grow and learn about thing from astrophysics to poetry, from each other and from themselves.

The tenderness and the acceptance that these kids show each other is very touching. If only there were more people that could be so different from each other and yet still help one another learn from those differences. This is a quick and easy story to read, it did have a lot of sitting around a tree talking, some religious overtones (Matthews father is a preacher), a little science and even some music. These kids are gentle and kind, they show warmth and encouragement and all of this in a young, pre-teen boy who is finding his own heart full of friendship and good will toward someone he has only just met. Sad is some parts but over all an uplifting story that could be read by any age group. The science gets a bit technical in places and then the end is abrupt, leaving just a small piece of me wondering if that was it. ( )

Book - Whiplash

Feeling she had few options, Erin Pulaski committed the crime of breaking and entering the offices of the pharmaceutical company that had been denying her client access to lifesaving drugs for his father. As a private investigator, Erin knew the risks but her father had trained her well and she accessed the files needed and escaped. Finding out that a man had been brutally murdered and left for dead near the same area at around the same time she had been there meant that she could be the best suspect the police, or in this case FBI Special Agent Bowie Richards would have, if they knew she was the one that broke in. Opening the door to Agent Richards stopped her cold, only to find out that he was not only the agent in charge of the murder investigation, but the father of one of her dance students that she taught on the side. Bouncing from one delicate case to another, Special Agent Dillon Savich and his wife Special Agent Lacey Sherlock had just finished witnessing some strange happenings at a senators residence when they were brought in to help Bowie, whether he wanted the extra help or not.

Book 14 ….. As always it is wonderful to see Savich and Sherlock working together and with others. I enjoyed the added bonus of seeing Dane, Ruth and some of the others from previous books. As much as I like Savich’s new abilities, in this book, it was more of a distraction. While the senator’s story line was interesting and added a link with Bowie it was (in my opinion) not necessary to the book. I would have rather seen more of the Erin / Bowie relationship. Usual S&S’s style is to get another couple together, but for this one it was a very, very mild romance if you could even call it that. I really wanted more of the romance end, S&S didn’t even give too much of a show in that category. A bit of a disappointment on the Romantic - suspense genre, but a solid Suspense novel anyways.
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Book - Undead and Unemployed

e-Book - Projected Pleasure

Becoming a mother and a wife should have made all of Marley’s dreams come true but she still felt restless and nervous all the time. Her paranoia was growing and while having Zachary, her husband, the pack alpha around helped, she couldn’t resist the urges she still had to be with Cole. After he left to find his own mate, those feelings kept growing to a point where getting him back with her was one of the only things she knew she truly wanted for herself, her family and her pack.

Book 2 ….. What Marley truly is was a great twist to the story I just wish that by the time we got to it that I liked Marley better. I found her selfishness in all things to be somewhat of a turn off, even Coles desires border on selfishness leaving Zachary in a position to deal with them in his understanding and giving way. In the previous book I wanted more of Cole, but I am not sure this scenario did Marley justice. ( )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book - Julie and Julia

Well, the title of the book pretty much tells you what this one is about. There has been so much talk about this book and the movie that was made, I saw the movie and really enjoyed it so I tracked down a copy of the book and was a bit disappointed. This is still a great concept to me, with the popular Julia Childs recipes and even the addition of some of her personal letters, but I was a bit shocked that Julie was portrayed differently in the movie than the book. Can't really put my finger on the reason, but she was different. ( )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book - Lover Mine

Rescuing herself from the home of the fore-lesser Lash, Xhex only wanted to get strong enough so she could reach her end game - which was primarily revenge. The drive to find and save her was more for John than it was for the rest of the brothers. Letting his feelings show shocked the brothers as well as Xhex, even if he didn't realize she was watching. Could he back off enough to let her handle things her way or is he going to run all bonded male over her and her life.

Book 8 - Information overload, I see why it is 512 pages. The extra back story of Tohr and Darius was absolutely wonderful, it just took so long to find out why we really wanted to know this story. A little confused by the side story of the television producer and host, only thing that comes to mind is that it will be a set up for a future book. Following the parallel stories for the likes of Qhuinn, Blay, Payne, Layla, and a few others is always a nice treat in a series. Interested to see more of a story for iAm, Trez, Lassiter and a few others though. Really enjoyed seeing some of the brothers that have already had there story still having such an important part of the ongoing storyline. So many possible teasers for another book or several more for that matter, just wish didn't have to wait so long to get another dose of the Brothers.
( )

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book - Nauti Boy

Fighting the terrible memory of being attacked, Kelly was trying to hide the worst of it from the man she loved, Rowdy - he would have gone AWOL if he had known. Returning from the war, this time for good, he had come home to finally claim the woman that had been on his mind since she was too young to think that way about. Hearing what had happened to her had solidified his desire to always protect and keep her, but after he took care of her problem he knew he would also give her a choice. With the help of his cousins, not only would the threat to her safety be removed, but he knew she would finally come out of her shell and they would make sure she knew the pleasures a man could give her not just the pain that her attacker had inflicted.

Book 1 ….. The remembered attack is detailed, the interaction with Rowdy and the cousins is explicit. This book is not a boring romance, it is graphic and even though at first is seems unrealistic to seemingly force the issue, the book does seem to have a flow to it that makes it difficult to put down. This is the first Lora Leigh book that I have read and I will be looking for the next one and some of her others as well. ( )

Monday, June 7, 2010

Book - Belle in the Slouch Hat

Her brother Bud’s death, during the Civil War, left Belle Brayden, a fifteen year old girl, grieving. Finding her brother’s slouch hat and then putting it on gave her the courage to go on. Her new adventure takes her to a friend of her brothers, which he had talked about all the time. Maude helped some of the Confederate soldiers, especially those in Quantrill’s group, which Bud had been a part of. After watching her beloved horse shot and killed, then almost drowning herself, she could have given up. Locating the strength to go on was not enough for Belle though. Some how, some way she needed to help. She needed to seek the man responsible for her brothers death, she needed to warn other towns and other people of the approaching army and she needed to heal her heart. During the Civil War these should be difficult tasks, but through Belle’s perseverance she is able to accomplish quite a lot, quite quickly. When she is given information about a raid on a nearby town, she quickly realizes that her cousin Winnie and Uncle Richard live there and she wastes no time in riding to their aide.

A touching story about loss and the determination to not only survive, but to help others to survive also. A look at anther aspect to the tragic losses in war time - from a sister’s point of view. The courage of the character of Belle is inspirational in it’s honest way of dealing with the losses in her life. Maude has a mix of Native American’s and white man’s spiritual ways of encouraging while letting Belle do things and figure things out for herself. Belle shows grace and compassion, yet she still stumbles up the steps and suffers with confusion but never indecision. Just the right mix of spunk and spirit leads Belle into many adventures and many dangerous situation, but belief in herself and her brothers horse seemed to always help her through it. The book does move a bit slow and the way the narration and dialogue seemed to repeat each other was little annoying at times, but still a very good way to open up the topic of the Civil War with a younger generation.
( )

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book - Iron Kissed

Several murders on the fae reservation leads Zee and Uncle Mike to ask Mercy for help. With a coyote nose, Mercedes Thompson can literally sniff out who could be responsible for these crimes. When their main suspect turns up murdered and Zee is arrested for the crime, Mercy does everything she can to prove he didn’t do it. While Mercy is putting herself in danger, this time with the fae, both of the alpha werewolves (Samuel and Adam) are still waiting around to see who and when she will decide to be with, if either of them.

Book 3 ….. A different direction than the other Mercy books. While she is still a strong, no nonsense type of character, this time her head long dash to save the day ends badly for her and puts a lot of others in danger also. The pace of the book was a little slower than the last two, the information gained about the fae is fun to know about, but the best part of the story is the interaction of the pack with Mercy (namely Ben) and the strengths of Adam. I had never really liked how she had continued to string them all along, a decision is a good thing for Mercy and I hope that it sticks - guess I have to read the next book (Bone Crossed) to find out.
( )

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book - Reese's Bride

Being forced in to giving up his life in the military and become a gentleman farmer may have been his fathers dying wish, but for Reese Dewar just being in the same area as the woman who had broken her word and his heart was going to be his worst nightmare. Widowed and now in danger, Elizabeth Holloway had nowhere else to turn and no one else she knew she could trust, so she went to the only man she had ever loved and played on his sense of honor to protect her and her son from the in-laws that she believed where out to kill her and control her son’s inheritance.

Book 2 ….. Oh there is so much to these Dewar men. Returning as a war hero and proving why he should be hailed as that was fun to see, his honor, his integrity and his loyalty alone made him a great hero for any book, and then there was the insecure and self-protective side of him that made him even better. I really enjoyed the combination on Reese, and the contrast to his other brothers. I am not one that usually likes pre-existing relationships, but this one had some real interesting hurdles to overcome - making it feel not so pre-existing anymore. As usual in a series, it is nice to see other characters that we have gotten to know in other books and this one did a fabulous job of incorporating Royal, Lily and a bit more of Rule (getting us ready for book 3 no doubt). Confident that book 3 (Rule’s Bride) is going to be a blast based on the bit of teasing that went on in the end of this one. ( )