Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book - Royal's Bride

Set in 1855 - Arriving home to discover their father, the current Duke of Bransford, on his death bed, each of the brothers (Royal, Reese and Rule) all pledged to a dying wish. A year after their fathers death, Royal knew he could wait no longer to start fulfilling that wish. He could not return Bransford Castle to it’s previous glory without money and he could not get money until he married Jocelyn Caulfield, the women that his father had arranged for him. All she wanted was the title of duchess and the social prestige that went along with it, since her father had arranged the marriage for her to get that and was willing to pay the new Duke for it, everyone should have been happy. Arriving ahead of the Caulfield women at Bransford Castle, cousin Lily Moran had planned on preparing for their particular needs only to be involved in an accident that left Royal believing her to be Jocelyn. Corrections were made and the betrothal and wedding preparations were under way but still Royal felt an attraction for Lily but knew nothing could ever come of those feeling for a distant relative of his soon to be betrothed. Except that didn’t stop either of them form feeling it every time they were near each other. With her help, Royal might not ever get his fortune back but he could get justice for his father, that would have to be enough - wouldn’t it?

Book 1 - So much information, action and romance for one book. It is fast paced but easy to follow. There are lots of characters to get to know (probably in set up for the rest of the series), but they are introduced in such a way that it does not become confusing. Really enjoyed the multiple romance lines, and the bits of Lily’s family. Also got a sneak peak at Rule’s personality and in the end a great lead in to the next book (Reese’s Bride). Of all the series I have read, this has to be one of the best Book 1’s that I have ever read. This is also the first Kat Martin that I have ever read. If this is a good indication of her writing, I can see her becoming one of my favorites. I am so glad I took the time with this one and am eager to start Reese’s Bride to see how it works out for him. ( )

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