Friday, May 7, 2010

Book - The Girl Who Chased the Moon

What a fabulously cute story about life in a magical small town with all the magic that is in and around the people that live there. Sarah Addison Allen seems to like the light touch of magic in her story telling and (for me) it is just the right combination of romance, suspense, mystery and fun. This author is quickly becoming one of my favorites, I have begun to think anything by her should be on an automatic purchase for me.

This is not a typical review for me, but maybe I will try to finish it later with a short synopsis - I have to find a way to word it so I don't give anything away, but I wanted everyone to know how much I enjoyed the book - couldn't help myself, just one of those books that when I was done, I wanted to tell all my friends "You have to read this, it is so cute and fun and sweet". I even had to tell dear husband (which I rarely do) about some of the quirks to this book. So cute .... you have to see! :) ( )

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