Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book - Fruit of the Fallen

A bit of insomnia led him to take a walk, but the nun that was shot in front of his eyes after handing over a baby led him to set of circumstances that he would have never believed he would find himself in. Questioning his faith had become an everyday thing, but after the events that followed the arrival of baby Serenity into his life Dr. Jonathan Keats was willing to give God and all it entailed a second look. - She had known she was different for as long as she could remember, but Serenity D’Evele thought it was just because her and her grandmother moved so often. When she started hearing things and feeling things after arriving at yet another new school, she started to realize that there might be more to it. Finally being able to trust another as a friend and trying to determine what if anything was after her, Serenity knew that the one thing to get her through would be her faith.

I admit, I was not sure what to expect, I am cautious about religious or spiritually based books, but this one had me interested because of and in spite of the religious aspects of it. For the most part, the religious aspects where explained well and it didn’t lean on those points more than necessary to create this story. I found myself drawn to most of the characters (there were a lot for a book of this size) but the interaction was well placed. The tidbits about how Serenity came to be with who she was with and how she finally found out more of herself kept the intrigue alive for the reader as well, allowing the story a natural progression from Serenity’s point of view, but going all the way back to the initial connection with Keats also gave the whole prophesy angle a larger part of the story. ( )

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