Monday, May 31, 2010

Book - Out of Eden

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Another birthday in the small town of Eden, Indiana. Kylie McGraw was so tired of the same ol’, same ol’ and decided, during her ‘traditional’ birthday celebration, that this was the time for some changes in her life and in her world. Starting with getting drunk on Cosmo’s (she normally drank only beer) and if she is not careful, ending with her life in danger. During that Cosmo haze and the following morning hangover, Kylie not only made decisions, she placed online orders. Wanting to update and upgrade the family owned shoe store she marched right into the hardware store for paint and walked out with a helper (Travis Martin). Getting away from the big crime in New York City, Jack Reynolds came home to Eden as the new Chief of Police only to find his best friends little sister the biggest problem he would have to handle. She had always been the little sister that everyone knew had a crush on him, now he started seeing her as a women and he was in trouble, with the town, himself and his friend if he couldn’t find a way to handle her and her new found need for change.

This is a new author to me, I really enjoyed this one. It was a combination of a lot of things from a suspense to action with a bit of comedy and a lot of romance. The typical hero comes to save the day. The heroine is strong and usually does the rescuing but for this time in her life, she needs to be saved. While I don’t know much about the reality of mafia type families, the rest of the story was very realistic and relatable. I enjoyed several parts of the relationships between siblings, their friends and the small town environment. Fun even for a non-shoe lover like myself. ( )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book - Fruit of the Fallen

A bit of insomnia led him to take a walk, but the nun that was shot in front of his eyes after handing over a baby led him to set of circumstances that he would have never believed he would find himself in. Questioning his faith had become an everyday thing, but after the events that followed the arrival of baby Serenity into his life Dr. Jonathan Keats was willing to give God and all it entailed a second look. - She had known she was different for as long as she could remember, but Serenity D’Evele thought it was just because her and her grandmother moved so often. When she started hearing things and feeling things after arriving at yet another new school, she started to realize that there might be more to it. Finally being able to trust another as a friend and trying to determine what if anything was after her, Serenity knew that the one thing to get her through would be her faith.

I admit, I was not sure what to expect, I am cautious about religious or spiritually based books, but this one had me interested because of and in spite of the religious aspects of it. For the most part, the religious aspects where explained well and it didn’t lean on those points more than necessary to create this story. I found myself drawn to most of the characters (there were a lot for a book of this size) but the interaction was well placed. The tidbits about how Serenity came to be with who she was with and how she finally found out more of herself kept the intrigue alive for the reader as well, allowing the story a natural progression from Serenity’s point of view, but going all the way back to the initial connection with Keats also gave the whole prophesy angle a larger part of the story. ( )

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Book - Silentheart

Divorce created a new opportunity for Sarah Abbott and after deciding to move and start completely over, she also wanted to know more about her past. Taking a summer class on genealogy provided more answers than she expected when she discovered that the professor of the class was actually her great-great-grandfather. As her old life, which included her ex-husband collided with her new life that she was trying to navigate with her living ancestors, she finds that her vampire great-great-grandfather along with another vampire (Carter) had been acting as her guardian. Now she has found out that Carter has also been in love with her for a long time and is willing to go to extreme measures to make sure she is happy, healthy and safe. The threats that this new closer relationship causes will take all their strengths to get through.

Another twist to the vampire existence, another explanation of how and why they are the way they are. This one has a ‘Near Dark’ twist to it that is new (to me) for this genre. This is a tame vampire story with some drama, suspense and a little action. The story is drawn out in a repetitive way told completely in the first person - constantly changing who “I” was from character to character. The pre-existing love that Carter has for Sarah is difficult to figure out, he doesn’t seem to have a reason for his feelings and the author doesn’t seem to take the time to try to explain them, they just are (personal pet peeve of mine - I like to see the characters fall in love, it is what lets me have feelings for them also). As the characters go, Sarah seems a bit wimpy to have a vampire love, the bright spot is great-great-grandfather Benjamin and even Carter grew on me with his ever protective personality. If I had to go with an overall feeling, I did enjoy the concept of the vampire hierarchy and the collision of human and vampire worlds, but I missed out on what could have been a good love story. ( )

Friday, May 7, 2010

Book - The Turning

Book - The Girl Who Chased the Moon

What a fabulously cute story about life in a magical small town with all the magic that is in and around the people that live there. Sarah Addison Allen seems to like the light touch of magic in her story telling and (for me) it is just the right combination of romance, suspense, mystery and fun. This author is quickly becoming one of my favorites, I have begun to think anything by her should be on an automatic purchase for me.

This is not a typical review for me, but maybe I will try to finish it later with a short synopsis - I have to find a way to word it so I don't give anything away, but I wanted everyone to know how much I enjoyed the book - couldn't help myself, just one of those books that when I was done, I wanted to tell all my friends "You have to read this, it is so cute and fun and sweet". I even had to tell dear husband (which I rarely do) about some of the quirks to this book. So cute .... you have to see! :) ( )

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book - Royal's Bride

Set in 1855 - Arriving home to discover their father, the current Duke of Bransford, on his death bed, each of the brothers (Royal, Reese and Rule) all pledged to a dying wish. A year after their fathers death, Royal knew he could wait no longer to start fulfilling that wish. He could not return Bransford Castle to it’s previous glory without money and he could not get money until he married Jocelyn Caulfield, the women that his father had arranged for him. All she wanted was the title of duchess and the social prestige that went along with it, since her father had arranged the marriage for her to get that and was willing to pay the new Duke for it, everyone should have been happy. Arriving ahead of the Caulfield women at Bransford Castle, cousin Lily Moran had planned on preparing for their particular needs only to be involved in an accident that left Royal believing her to be Jocelyn. Corrections were made and the betrothal and wedding preparations were under way but still Royal felt an attraction for Lily but knew nothing could ever come of those feeling for a distant relative of his soon to be betrothed. Except that didn’t stop either of them form feeling it every time they were near each other. With her help, Royal might not ever get his fortune back but he could get justice for his father, that would have to be enough - wouldn’t it?

Book 1 - So much information, action and romance for one book. It is fast paced but easy to follow. There are lots of characters to get to know (probably in set up for the rest of the series), but they are introduced in such a way that it does not become confusing. Really enjoyed the multiple romance lines, and the bits of Lily’s family. Also got a sneak peak at Rule’s personality and in the end a great lead in to the next book (Reese’s Bride). Of all the series I have read, this has to be one of the best Book 1’s that I have ever read. This is also the first Kat Martin that I have ever read. If this is a good indication of her writing, I can see her becoming one of my favorites. I am so glad I took the time with this one and am eager to start Reese’s Bride to see how it works out for him. ( )

Monday, May 3, 2010

Book - Apocalypse Happens

I read this book a few days ago and have been trying to figure out how to but it all into words. I can start by saying that this is actually book 3 of the Phoenix Chronicles. It has that same basic cast of characters as the others (Liz, Jimmy, Sawyer and Summer). There is still the continuing concept of Liz as the seer, Jimmy a DK (demon killer) and Sawyer and Summers interesting input in the mix. They are all still fighting the demons, vampires and all evil from starting Doomsday / Apocalypse / Armageddon. I can't even say what this book is about (without series spoilers).

I did have such a difficult time with this one partially because of how it ended. My biggest problem was with Liz - the main characters. I think the author is trying to make her come across as a strong determined leader of the federation, but for me she came across as naive, arrogant and stupid (and I am not the type to use that word lightly) which makes for a deadly combination. I am not yet sure if I am even willing to read the next one (Chaos Bites), I have been frustrated so much by this one. But .... I will consider it if only to see how the Sawyer story rolls out (he has become my favorite character - believe it or not.)

I say that I would recommend this book, only because it is such a different type of story, but it is an acquired taste, even for a prolific paranormal romance reader. ( )