Monday, April 5, 2010

Book - Midnight Angel

Knowing she was going to be put to death for a murder she didn’t know if she had committed, Anastasia "Tasia" Kaptereva found a way of escape from the Russian prison she was in. Coming to England was her only hope, her cousin, Lady Ashbourne, could help her find a way to avoid being found by Prince Nikolas Angelovsky, the brother of the prince she supposedly murdered, but could she really pull of living as a governess. A temporary governess was all Karen Billings was suppose to be, but she was in trouble. The kind of trouble that she needed security from. Lord Lucas Stokehurst was willing to try to help her for his friends the Ashbournes, he wanted answers, wanted to keep her out of his mind, he just never realized how dangerous getting what he wanted to could be for her and for himself.

What a great twist on the classical ‘damsel in distress’ story. The Russian accents jumped off the page at me as I read this one. These characters are a bit distant at times, the story is a little hesitant and choppy, but in the end it was a very likeable cast that ended with a fun tease for the next of the Stokehurst family (Prince of Dreams) stories, which I may have to check out - eventually. ( )

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