Friday, April 9, 2010

Book - Lover Enshrined

After spending several months living in the brotherhoods mansion, Cormia had come to understand the Primale better. Now that the issue was not being forced on her, she discovered that she was not only willing to be with Phury because she was a chosen, she desired it because she was a woman. No matter what the Scribe Virgin said, Phury was not interested in a mate that didn’t want to be with him, so even if it was not what he wanted, he was willing to give Cormia her freedom and try to chose another first mate. The conflicts with the lessoning society was getting worse, another fight in the training center involving John and Lash and with all the chaos around him, Wrath is forced to make some difficult decisions involving some of the members of his race.

Book 6 ….. So much happened in this book. I think there was maybe 6 story lines going at one time and the lessers got a new leader again. Tough for me to do my review, there is some great things that happen and some not so great things, but I don’t want to be a spoiler to any of that (it did answer one of my burning questions though). I have liked Phury for a while, this book showed so much more about him - his history and why he does some of the things that he does. I also enjoyed watching Cormia’s transition into the brotherhoods lives. What was really interesting is the continuing story of John, he started (several books ago) as a young pre-transition and now he is showing signs of being the strong brother-type of a man (very fun to watch - so to speak) and his story should be great (Lover Mine - April 2010). The surprise of the story was all of the info about Rehvenge, I had not really liked Bella’s brother, but with this whole new light on him and his life, I am actually looking forward to his story (Lover Avenged). So much happened - some questions were answered, some new ones arose. Lots of old characters were present, including the lesseres (give or take a few of them). Keep in mind this book would - if you haven’t read any of the previous 5 book - is not the place to start this series, but definitely an incentive to continue - in my opinion =) ( )

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