Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book - Lover Avenged

Keeping his secret from his sister Bella for all those years had been hard enough. Now Rehvenge finds himself so attracted to Ehlena and once again in the position to have to lie to someone he cared for. The other nurses in the clinic never liked helping Rehv, there was something about him that they all felt, all except Ehlena. All she wanted was to help him and she found herself completely taken by him. Finding out his secret would ruin everything he had finally found for himself, but to protect her he may have to hurt her even more.

Book 7 ….. At first I didn’t like Rehv, but after finding out more about him, I really enjoyed this one. I would have liked it being more intense about him and Ehlena, but the stories about Wrath, John, and even some of the others was good. It is always fun to revisit old friends. This one had a few twists that I had not expected (which doesn’t happen very often) and I really enjoyed that. I also found that there was enough of an emotional story to it that made it so I didn’t want to put the book down. I am really looking forward to John and Xhex’s story (Lover Mine) which is expected to be released soon - yeah! ( )

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