Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book - Kiss of Midnight

As a baby she had been abandoned by her mentally ill mother, as an adult she still hadn’t found exactly were she belonged. One night Gabrielle Maxwell witnessed the most brutal murder she could have ever believed possible. Amazed that a woman was witnessing the rogues of his breed commit acts against human and vampire laws, and then she took a picture of it. Lucan Thorne knew that he needed to wipe her memory of the evening and then get those photos off her cell phone. Tracking her and finding out she had reported the event to the police made it a little more difficult to deal with, but not impossible. What was surprising was finding a breedmate mark on her neck and finding himself in need of protecting her.

Book 1 ….. A very different take on the whole vampire craze. I was surprised because I didn't know what to expect. This is a set up for the series, so it did have a lot of descriptives about other people, not just our main characters. This series should be an interesting one, I can see why it has been compared to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but it does have a bit of a difference in the tone. I enjoyed it very much and hope to get to the next one (Kiss of Crimson) very soon.
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