Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book - Fantasy Lover

Her birthday of all nights, Grace found her friend insisting that she participate in yet another of her crazy chants under a full moon. Cleaning up after Grace found herself no longer alone in her house. Many centuries spent cursed to the book, Julian knew what to expect. As a sex slave it was always the same thing - the bedroom for his month of freedom, if you could call it that before returning to the darkness of the book. Startled by the naked man in the room she may have been, but it wasn’t that hard to figure out where he had come from. Now what to do with him. As a sex therapist she knew that just falling into bed with this stranger was wrong, no matter what he thought he was there for. While he was surprised by her reaction, he knew it would only be a matter of time before he would succeed in pleasing her. He just didn’t ever expect anything different to happen….. boy was he wrong.

Book 1, of the Dark Hunter series ? ! ? ! ? I am a little confused by that, not sure if I would consider this one dark or hunter type. Anyways, I don’t know much about this series (obviously) but after reading this book, I am highly interested in reading more. I suppose this could be a great introduction to all of the characters of the series. Most of which seem to be Greek, Roman or Macedonian warriors and gods. I guess that would be one thing that did kind of confuse me about this book, I don’t know much about ancient history and all of these names, places and events got my head a spinning a couple of times. I found myself wondering if that was a real historical figure or if that was part of the fiction of it. But still, this one did pull on the emotions and peaked my curiosity enough that I will be getting the next one - Night Pleasures.
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Deanna (RRRC) said...

I see this book more as a prequel to the Dark Hunter world with Night Pleasures being the first - not sure why its classed as the first one (it wasn't when I originally read it), but with the re-release it was touted that way