Monday, April 5, 2010

Book - Bride of Spring

The loss of their father left Raine and her brother William Blanchett without protection, Will was too young and in need of a guardian to help hold the lands and the keep till he came of age. Raine’s only solution was to find herself a husband that could act as that guardian. Finding a man that could meet her criteria was proving especially difficult, even their own cousin only pursued her with his eye on Williams wealth. Surely at court she could find someone. Several seemed interested in the job, but after researching them a bit they discovered that they too were only after the wealth. A landed, wealthy, stable, loyal and conscientious man was all the attributes that Benedict Ainsworth was said to possess and after hearing the reason for his request for a private audience with the king, Raine knew that this was her last and possibly only hope for a good man. He may never forgive the deception that she planned to use on him, but he seemed the type to do the right thing.

Book 2 ….. Not as much of the other brothers, we get a small peak at Kendran but for the most part this is all about Benedict and Raine in a fight with their own pride. I like the strong silent type, the reliable, the loyal, but this guy is that to the extreme. Raine has the same characteristics - talk about adding fuel to the fire. Oh how the mighty shall fall, and when these two admit to falling, it was nice. Totally predictable as it was, this story still was difficult to put down. I got so into the misunderstandings, the assumed preferences, the perceived wrongs, the unintentional slights that (as much as I hate to say it) I fell for this couple and rooted for them in the end. Next up is Summer’s Bride (I will wait for summer - I am reading by the season), it is suppose to be Marcel and Genevieve’s story. ( )

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