Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book - Trouble in Paradise

Trouble was what she was in when Ellie Fitzsimmons realized that she was being fired from her job as a serving girl because she was pregnant. With no where to go and no family to rely on, she made the dramatic decision to use her new pen pal as an excuse to move from New York to Nebraska. Receiving a letter about the impending arrival of the lady that had been corresponding with him, Parker McMillan had to inform his brother Roy about their houseguest. As confirmed bachelors, the McMillan brothers was unsure how that would work out, having a women under foot. Being the skeptic that he was, Roy was suspicious of her motives from the beginning, but after meeting her he soon realized that a women’s scheming weren’t the only way they could disrupt the routine of his life. With the return of his mother after so many years, there was not a McMillan man in the county that would be safe.

Characters that are easy to get into and to understand. Great regional descriptions of the town of Paradise and the surrounding area. Typical - she lied and wondered if she could ever make it up to him - type of story. Several touching moments, a little bit of humor, a questionable love scene and a scary house fire later, Roy has to decide what to do next, if his brother doesn’t beat him to it, or the ranch hand for that matter. ( )

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