Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book - Surrender the Heart

Being dragged to Paris for the season, Ariane de Valmont had to find a way to get her father to back off, not to mention all the eligible men that were paying unwanted attention to her. She was just not interested in marriage, it was just another way a man could gain control over a women and Ariane didn’t want anything to do with it. After the death of his father, Christopher Blanchard had very few reasons to be in Paris and every desire to get it over with. The ghosts of his past were following him through out Paris and as he did his best to ignore them, Ariane approached him with a most inappropriate deal, one that he saw as an amusing way to pass his time in Paris.

A typical Historical Romance, one where the main plot of the story is all about both people not feeling comfortable telling the truth about how they really feel. The author showed just how matched they were with each decision not to admit to their feeling by doing an almost word for word - he thought she thought - a couple of different times. Some part of me found that funny, another part found it a bit obvious, but the effect in the end was overall a good one.
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