Monday, March 29, 2010

Book - Stranded!

A road trip home for two long time friends winds up in a ditch after hitting a deer and leaving them without a car for the night. Finding a vacant cabin was good luck, but spending the night with Kelley was going to be rough for Roddick since he had loved her for as long as he could remember. Just now noticing that he was a man, Kelley was surprised to find herself attracted to her best friend, he was like a brother and until this trip she had never seen him as anything other than the boy she had always known. Roddick took care of her, always, and this trip was no different.

A short, quick book. The set up was good, then the realization of the feelings was ok, and then the admissions of those feelings felt wrong to me. Time spent on the story was almost wasted because of how shallow she was. Roddick’s crush, his attempt at a mature approach, his angst over Kelley was good, but she was a brat and I never got what he liked about her….. To each his own, but as a character she brought the story down - in my opinion.( )

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