Saturday, March 6, 2010

Book - A Real Angel

Working with animals had been something both Jenna Denardo and her mother Kate were good at. Hollywood had called them to do a movie, but only Jenna went. With the death of the stunt coordinator in her arms, Jenna was concerned about her animals and herself until the arrival of a new stuntman. Upon meeting Rafael Santini, she knew there was something special about him, finding out his secret could never change her initial reaction to him. Used to taking on more high profile situations, Rafe was surprised when Saint Michael asked him to look into the death of a stunt coordinator, but finding out that this was a murder with the presence of evil convinced him to do his best work. As an avenging angel, Rafe had certain abilities, like making himself human, and after meeting Jenna and getting to know her better he started to believe that maybe there was more to being human than just not showing his aurora on film.

This is an older Harlequin Intrigue, I dug it out of an old box and just read it. This is a quick story, the characters are ok, the story line is good (could have been better) and like a lot of Harlequin stories from that time period, it felt long and drawn out in some parts and then rushed and over to quickly. It speeds through the romance, puts too much emphasis some of the lesser characters, but it is still a good distraction and an angelic hero, don‘t see those to often. ( )

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