Monday, March 22, 2010

Book - The Present

Family coming together for the holiday season only to discover that while some are happy and content in their relationships, others of the Malory family still have some things to work out. Having all of the nieces, nephews and brothers around was good for Jason (the eldest of the Malory brothers), if only he could convince the woman he has loved for such a long time to finally marry him. With the arrival of the family, they also noticed of a present on the table that temps the whole family until one night, most of them congregate with the sole purpose of discovering what the present is, who it is for and who left it there. Opening it, they discovered a journal that is an accounting of how their great grandparents met, fell in love and married. The present may be just a good book to some of them, but for others it could change the way they look at their own lives.

Book 6 ….. Yes, I read out of order and now remember why I don’t like doing that. There are a lot of characters, and if I had read the previous 5 books I would have known them all I am sure. Even with the struggles to keep each of them straight from the other, I found that this was a very fun and interesting way of recounting a love from a previous generation. I did enjoy the little bit about the family gathering, the little disputes between siblings and the teasing of the In-Laws, but the story of the Gypsies and the good luck charms, while obvious, was still a good story. I am deffinalty interseted in reading more of this family, but I think the next one will be book 1 (Love Only Once). ( )

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