Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book - Marked

Normal was something that Zoey Redbird would probably never feel again after the vampyre tracker marked her forehead after school. First thing was to tell her mom and hope she would understand, of course she didn’t. After the change started, everyone knew you had to be at the House of Night in the middle of Tulsa, but first she had to find someone that would understand. Grandma would know what to say, with her Cherokee heritage and the faith of the culture leading her. Fitting in was the biggest problem, her mark was different than the other fledglings marks and everyone knew it, but no one knew why and if they did they didn’t share with Zoey. Meeting her new roommate and all of her friends gave hope that maybe she really could find a place, until the mean girls of the school stated causing problems and something told Zoey that it would be her that would fix it.

Book 1 ….. This one was extra fun for me because I live near Tulsa and know of and/or have been to some of the places mentioned. As far as the book, the characters were good, some better than others, the concept of the change and working with fledglings to get them to mature vampyres was also good and a little different from other stories. To start with one group of friends and progress to a different one through the course of the book was good. A life altering event had occurred. I really enjoyed how descriptive this book was when it came to the feeling that only Zoey had during the ceremonies. I really hope that several of the characters make it to the coming books (Erik, Stevie Rae, Neferet and Grandma Sylvia). I am looking forward to the next book of the series (Betrayed) which sounds like a good reason for the tease about Elizabeth and Elliot at the end.
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