Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book - Lover Unbound

Confronted with a new set of rules for his life, Vishous is resigned to it, until he is shot and taken to a human hospital to be treated. His visions had stopped, but the one of his surgeon seemed clear, he needed to keep her with him. To Dr. Jane Whitcomb every case got her attention and she was determined to save the newest of her patience even after finding herself kidnapped, she didn’t change that determination. Fight for her patient, fight for her life, fight for her freedom, she had the fight that impressed him more than any women ever had and looking into his future, ever would.

Book 5 ….. While I loved the story and the characters, the ending sort of ticked me off. With all the other Brothers, the happy ending felt right, this one felt way, way to forced. It seemed like it was just a quick fix to make it appear a happily ever after. The lack of lessers in this story was also a bit of let down, before there was almost too much emphasis on them, this one had a very large and obvious lack of the enemy. Too many of the characters were likeable, no one to root against. Even Manny, as much as I hate it, I kind of liked him and his ability to sense things were off. And what was with the enormous hints and clues to the coming story lines, I mean is there all that much left to tell other than logistics about Phury or the ‘how-do-they-come-together’ for John - not that it will stop me from reading on, this group is quite additive for me and I really enjoy the tidbits of the others, although we still don‘t know how Tohr is doing and if he will ever return, but I do like the fact that they still talk about him and Wellsie. Next up is the continuing story of Phury in Lover Enshrined.
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