Sunday, March 14, 2010

Book - Lover Revealed

Finally finding a place that he fits in, Butch O’Neal and his vampire roommate seemed to understand each other. Always being kept out of the action made him a little stir crazy until after he had been involved in an attack where the lessers (society out to destroy the vampire race) took Butch captive and tortured him for information about the brotherhood - his friends. Seeing him broken and possibly infected didn’t stop Marissa from rushing to his bed side, even if he didn’t seem to want her there now. He had been the only man to ever make her feel the way he did. She had met him several months before, but for some reason the feelings she had for him would not go away. The threats that the society were making to the vampires only made everyone more nervous, so after being kicked out of the only home she had ever known, she went to the king for refuge and found herself living with the brotherhood that Butch wanted to be a part of.

Book 4 ….. *Sigh* That is a great story. Even though there was a lot of other stuff stuck in it, a lot of information on other brothers and even some of the lessers that took a lot of time away from Butch, Marissa, V and John. I found some of the back information about Butch and V really interesting and am eager to learn more of Vishous. The transformation of Marissa was great while the continuing story of Wrath, Rhage and Z was so fabulous to see. This is a great example of why some series do so well - once you get to know the characters they are like old friends that you really care about. I am still very concerned for Tohr, John, Phury and now we can add V to that list, and from what I understand, is the next one (Lover Unbound). ( )

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