Monday, March 8, 2010

Book - Lover Eternal

Not enjoying her job, being asked to take time off from her volunteer position and finding that she was sick again, left Mary Luce open to new possibilities. Meeting a young man (John) and having her beautiful neighbor Bella take an interest, lead them all to the training center for the brothers. After having a particularly bad night with his beast, Rhage was still recuperating when he heard the voice that seemed to soothe him. Tracking her down and convincing her of his interest in her was more difficult that he had imagined. With more of the civilians being kidnapped by the lessers, the brothers have to redouble their efforts to locate and stop them. The addition of Mary, another human into their world changes things for all of the brothers, but just how things will change will take a while to figure out.

Book 2 ….. Ok, I am hooked, I was so hoping that after the first book, the getting the foundation of the story out, that it would get better. Oh My Goodness gracious it got a lot better. The action, the emotion, the ups and downs all come together and leave me wanting a lot more. Rhage has his different sides, and then there is his beast complete with its own personality. The additional information about the twins (Zsadist and Phury) even the extra tidbits of the other brothers was so much more fun this time, now that I know a little more about them. The teasers are obvious, but they are still great to have, luckily I don’t have to image for long, I already have a copy of the next book (Lover Awakened) and I believe, with any luck, it is Z’s story. ( )

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