Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book - Lover Awakened

The kidnapping of a civilian male vampire was bad enough, but when the Brotherhood found out that one of their females, one that had been in their home, had been taken… nothing was going to stop them from finding her. Even after several weeks, Zsadist was still just as obsessed with avenging Bella as he was the moment heard she was missing. Once he knew she was safe from the Lessening Society, he knew that he had to keep her safe from himself. She needed to be safe and clean and with someone more deserving than himself. His quest for retribution continued as Bella realized her feelings for him, even though he was still pushing her away.

Book 3 ….. I was really looking forward to this book, I wanted to see the transformation of Z and how Bella played a part. I did enjoy that part, even if the needing time was a bit over the top. The background of Z and his twin Phury, the emotional highs and lows of some of the other members of the brotherhood were more compelling and much more memorable. (** Spoilers **) I usually don’t like romances that I don’t see from the beginning, but I had grown very attached to Tohr and Wellsie. Seeing their relationship through the eyes of Rhage and John has been almost as good, how - why - in the end (as strange as it sounds - I know it is just a book), my concern is for Tohr and John and Phury. And just to keep everyone on their toes, the vision that Vishous had about Butch is kind of a big tease for the upcoming book (Lover Revealed). ( )

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