Monday, March 29, 2010

Book - Doomsday Can Wait

Adjusting to what she now knows to be part of her life, Liz Phoenix also realizes that she can’t do it alone. No training could prepare her to fight the demons that are trying to bring on doomsday, but to go into it as a seer and a DK (demon killer) leaves her with her wits, the little bit of information that her ghost of a mentor givers her through her dreams, visions and a voice she hears every time a demon is around and anyone who could possibly help her. The help available isn’t the most reliable either. Her ex-boyfriend Jimmy became a vampire and tried to kill her, then there is Summer, a faerie more interested in Jimmy than anything else, and Sawyer in a skin walker who trains the new recruits for the secret federation that Liz now finds herself the leader of. Sawyer is good at bringing out the special talents of each new recruit, but no one knows where his allegiance lies especially now that Liz has found out that his mother is one strong demon that she feels only she will be able to kill, even though no one knows how to do that.

Book 2 ….. Ok, I wasn’t sure about this series after reading the first one. This one did redeem it a bit for me. The concept of the leader being thrown into the position blind is always good, especially when up against something that they didn’t even knew existed until recently. Some of the characters grew on me. I really didn’t like any of them all that much after the last book, but by the end I did actually like Sawyer a lot and Jimmy a little. Still not a big fan of Liz for some reason, maybe it was that she is the cocky type, which in her circumstance seemed out of place and reckless. Still it was enough of an improvement to the series for me to look at reading the next one - Apocalypse Happens

quote from page 108 of the book, Liz was looking down at a wound on her chest and thought …..
“Since I’d never been killed before, I wasn’t sure how long it would last or how well it would heal.” ( )

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