Monday, March 29, 2010

Book - Bride Fair

Surviving a prison camp during the Civil War, Max Woodard knew coming back to that same North Carolina town would bring it all back. He was sure that as the new Colonel of the occupying army he could be fair, but he still wanted to know them for some reason. Maria Rose Markham had suffered the loss of two brothers, and a fiancé because of the war and having to house them was insult to injury for her and her father. The new Colonel showed and she knew what would happen, she also knew her situation had changed. The need to protect and care for her father and her friend was was still the main reason for her actions, but now she needed to plan for a future that was different than she expected it to be. If she could help Max know what he wanted to know about the town, could he really help her in return.

Funny, I didn’t realize that The Prisoner by Cheryl Reavis was related - character wise - to the Bride Fair. The main male character of Bride Fair is talked about a lot in Prisoner, while the male and female characters of Prisoner are talked about in Bride Fair. I don’t think it is a series, but knowing the Prisoner story first did make the Bride Fair just a bit better. I liked this story, I liked the characters for the most part. I really enjoyed Max and Perkins (wouldn’t mind finding a story for him). Not sure why I was not as fond of Maria, maybe she just hid her feelings too much even from the readers. I didn’t really feel for her and if I cant’ get that connection with a characters I don’t usually like them as much. Had a connection with Max and Sergeant Major Perkins. ( )

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