Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book - Behold the Eye: Cerulea

Even as Vickie finally arrived safely through dream travel into a different world, Micah and Shanti promised to help her return home. Not knowing how she had traveled through her dreams in the first place made it more difficult to know how to get back. With the addition of a new friend (Dafyyd), they decided that what they needed was information, and so they found a way to go to the town of Cerulea, the land of the blue eyed, where they were know for the pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of each of the special gifts that they had been given. Being in Cerulea proved more difficult than they expected because of the telepathy that the Cerulean’s used as a form of communication. With both Micah and Shanti (having one blue eye) were mentally prepared to block the noise, but forgot that Vickie lacked that skill as well as the one needed to stop her own thoughts from being projected out to everyone, loudly. While the arrival of another (Roland) to this land went almost unnoticed until the time that Roland decided Vickie was the key to realizing his big plans. Big hopes of a powerful future, in his own opinion, he knew what he wanted, he knew how to plan it, he knew what he needed, he knew what he deserved and he knew what he was born for, he just had to find a way to get Vickie to help him fulfill that destiny.

Book 2 ….. This book was a lot easier to follow than the first book was. I am pretty sure that it is because I knew the characters a little better, and the I understand the concept and the direction of the story. While each of the characters have a unique personality to them, I just don’t completely get the motivation behind some of them. Vickie wants to go home, Dafyyd is just in it for the adventure I think, but what about Micah and Shanti, do they feel guilty for getting Vickie stuck in their world? This story does still do a lot of jumping around like the first book did, with all of Vickie’s friends doing the journal (which was kind of a neat way of portraying their feelings), all of the dream seeing even with her mom, the bits of Roland with his planning and even his daughters diary entries, while less confusing than the first book, still bounced from place to place quite a bit. I am interested in seeing more - like Tricia (one of Vickie’s friends) apologizing for being jealous - as well as seeing if Vickie finally finds a way home, in the next book (Behold the Eye: Viridia) .
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